How do you come across?

Do you know how you really come across to people? In a business world that is relying more and more upon the need to communicate effectively, this is becoming an ever more important tool of business life


From phone conversations and meetings, to managing staff and presentations, helping to understand how you come across can be essential. What I do is help people to understand their behaviour by showing them how they come across. Using role-play and observation, in one to one’s or small groups, the result is discussion, constructive feedback and technique that you can work with. Don’t worry about the ‘dreaded’ role-play, you only ever play yourself, doing what you normally do in situations.
It’s not just about showing you how to improve, but also about showing what you are already doing well. The aim is to build confidence and improve technique. It’s like you’re holding a mirror up to yourself. It is also possible to unhook fears and difficulties, that may in the past have caused you to feel trapped by your own behaviour. For this reason, training is bespoke and tailored to the individuals’ needs or that of the group. Knowing how the idea of role-play can cause fear and vulnerability in most people, the whole process is made to feel safe, encouraging and entertaining.

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